Machine Tending Robot
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Machine Tending Robot


The application that use Robot to synchronize with CNC machines in metal forming process. We program Robot to load parts into machines, and unload finished parts out of machines thus use less man power.


The production can operate 24 hours without brake time or changing shift, that means machine time will be fully utilize 24 Hrs, and target output can be achieved. There is also advantage for the worker, in term of ergonomic and health.


Beside Robot, SISTOMAT also provide

- Conveyor that stock in-coming and out-going parts.

- Modification on CNC machine to synchronize with the system.

- Sensors to check and confirm parts before load to CNC and after unload from CNC.

- Gripper at the robot end, that specialy design to support customer's product.

- Touch screen controller.

- Fence and safety system.


To support ease of installation and maintenance. The system is knock-down design, can be move out and re-setup in place again easily.


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